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Study Stay in Cranbrook

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Focused & Supportive Environment
About Us

A Supportive Short Term Stay in Cranbrook, BC

We all know that life can be intense and that your living environment can make a huge difference in how you cope with the stresses of school or work. Living alone can be isolating, while living with others can be distracting. Our goal is to create a supportive, focused, quiet, and friendly short term stay environment for students and professionals new to Cranbrook – particularly international and from out of town.

We know that successfully living together requires a good fit of people along with effective living and communication systems and structures. By incorporating our experiences from meditation and mindfulness practices and community living into our house, we have created an ideal environment for you to be comfortable.

Our home is beautiful and modern and a pleasure to live in. It’s also conveniently located – only a five-minute walk from downtown Baker St.

cranbrook student accomodation hosts

Hi! We are meditation practitioners and local business owners. We have also both been international students! On any particular day, you can find Cara at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, or practicing at Cranbrook Acupuncture Clinic.  Christine can be found in the climbing gym, on the ski hill, or teaching biking through Ridetheory in Fernie. 

Cara & Christine, Your Hosts



There are four available rooms in the house. Three are single private rooms. The additional ‘loft’ suite is large and spacious and set up for two people to share comfortably.




student house cranbrook living room

Study & Work Areas

A supportive and calm environment for work, study and reflection is important for success. Sometimes we need a quiet space. Sometimes we want a more open and communal space. We offer both:

  • A study desk in your bedroom
  • A cafe style study area in the kitchen/living area.

There is also an indoor yoga/relaxation area, complete with swings, a basketball hoop, and mini climbing wall for when you just need to move your body.

Inclusive Values

We welcome people from all walks of life – including gender, race and sexuality. In other words, we assume that house residents have an open and welcoming attitude toward indigenous and people of colour, people who speak different languages and the LGBTQ+ community.

More Information

What’s included in your rent?

Fully furnished!

To make it easy for our international and out-of-town students,  the entire house, including the kitchen and bedrooms are fully furnished. Sheets, duvets, and pillows are also included.

Deep cleaning

A professional cleaner will come to deep clean the communal spaces, kitchen, and shared bathrooms once a month. This will help ensure that the bulk of your time can be spent on your studies or work while also keeping everyone in the house happy.

Fibre optic WiFi

We have super-fast internet to match the usage of many diligent students and worker bees in one house.

Toilet paper and...

You never know when we might run out…but shared basics like toilet paper, dish soap, and cleaning items are included in the rent. You simply need to bring your personal toiletries – we will provid you with a list of these things before you come. 


The heating and electricity bills are covered in your rent. Of course, do be kind to the environment and our wallets by not wasting energy or water.

House schedule & rules

Living Together

To be able to live well together these are the house rules:


Quiet Space, Conducive to Study
  • Quiet time is between 10 p.m. and  7 a.m. Please keep the space quiet during these hours. This means no loud music, entertainment, cooking, coffee grinding, laundry, talking on the phone, and other disruptive activities. 
  • In general, keep the communal areas relatively quiet and coordinate / communicate with your room mates if you do need to make noise, or want to watch a movie in the living room.
  • We want to keep the house respectful, professional and restful for everyone – so please keep this in mind.  Social gatherings can be arranged if coordinated and with the agreement of your housemates.
 Honouring our space – clean & clutter free

A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind. To keep our minds clear and spacious we ask that we practice mindfulness of our space.

  • Keep the communal space clear and clutter free. Leave the space better than you found it – remove personal items when you leave the space so it is clear and spacious for the next person.
  • Keep your bedroom clean, and please vacuum once per week.
  • Communal chores: We have a roster for weekly chores that keeps the house running smoothly. These are divided up on a changing schedule – eg: garbage and recycling. These chores will take each person about 45 minutes per a week.
  • Your rent includes monthly cleaning by a cleaner who will vacuum and clean the communal areas, the kitchen, and the shared bathrooms.
Most importantly – communication and open heartedness

Warm and friendly people we want you to apply to live in our space 🙂. And if you’re not sure about how open communication skills work, we will discuss how its done, while openly inviting everyone to practice this in the house. Most conflicts and difficulties between people are due to miscommunication, so this will be a supportive opportunity to work on communication as a group.

House layout

Room Options

shared student room cranbrook

Loft Bedroom (Shared)

The ‘loft’ room is spacious and beautiful – ideal to be comfortably shared by two students.  Couples or friends may apply together.

  • Shared ensuite bathroom
  • Two single beds or one king bed for couples
Rent + Utilities + Bonuses per month


lower rooms

Single Room on Lower Level

The lower level has extremely high ceilings and two cozy rooms situated off the lower floor study area (yes – it has swings!). There is one shared bathroom downstairs for the two students in these rooms.

  • Shared bathroom
  • Single or Queen bed
Rent + Utilities + Bonuses per month


study house doorway

Single Room on Main Floor

The bedroom on the main floor is south facing with lovely light. It is next to the main floor bathroom, which has a bathtub and occasionally will be shared by the hosts or guests.

  • Shared bathroom
  • Single Bed
Rent + Utilities + Bonuses per month


Have a Question?

Talk to the Host


Location & Nearby Attractions

The Study Stay house is located on 5th Ave South, Cranbrook, just 5-10 minute walk from Baker St. downtown. Going to the College of the Rockies?  Cycle there in 12 minutes, drive there in 7 minutes, or take a bus in about 30 minutes. 


Okay, Cranbrook is a small town, but there are a few nice restaurants! Some of our favourites include:

  • Sakura
  • Pho Saigon
  • The Fire Hall
  • The Heidout
  • Thai Family Restaurant
  • Lucky Star Chinese
  • The Blind Pig
Sight Seeing

Cranbrook is surrounded by natural beauty with access to great hikes, mountain biking, skiing, and even local natural hot pools (about 1.5 hours away).

Adventure Sports

Shameless self-promotion warning! Christine, one of your hosts, is a skilled mountain bike coach. Check out Ridetheory for some bike adventuring in the summer. In the winter there are great options for downhill skiing or cross country skiing.

Shows & Entertainment

Cranbrook is a relatively small town, so don’t expect big city entertainment. However there a few local options – such as Key City Theatre, Cranbrook Community Theatre and Landmark Cinema.

Walks & Hiking

There are amazing walking and hiking options surrounding Cranbrook. The lovely community forest surrounding Cranbrook is accessible from the College of the Rockies campus, and a short drive away there are other available walks and hikes, details coming soon.

Study Stay in cranbrook

Apply now for spring semester!

We are now taking applications for short term, 1-3 month stays. 

Questions? Email us below or call Cara:
(250) 421-8280
5th Ave South, Cranbrook BC V1C 2G5